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HP Kink-N-Squick Creature Fest 2015

Prompting Now Open

10 Oct - Prompting Open
20 Oct - Claiming Open
15 Jan - Submissions Due
18 Jan - Posting Begins!
01 Feb - Reveals

Sign-ups/Prompt Claiming: 5 February, 2015 (first come, first-served ; open until 1 May, 2015)
Submissions Due: 5 May, 2015
Posting begins: 15 May, 2015

Prompts have been ordered by these tropes to make it easier for you to find something you might be interested in writing/drawing:

  • Accidents/Mishaps (tripping/falling, broom accidents, potions accidents, spell casting mishaps, other magical accidents)

  • Co-Workers/Collaborators (working together, boss/employee, competing for a position, hot for co-worker, co-worker dating issues, office sex)

  • Competition/Bets/Dares/Games (a contest, competing against each other, making a bet/dare, losing/winning a bet/dare, fallout of a contest/bet/dare, Tri-Wizard Tournament, I Never Ever, Truth or Dare, gambling, board games, card games, Gobstones, Exploding Snap, Quidditch, other sports)

  • Dating/Love/Marriage/Children/Family (unrequited love, jealousy, obsessive desire, falling in love, going on a date, first date, blind date, being set-up on a date, speed dating, online dating, singles mingle, one-off/drunken one-off, dating issues, becoming affianced, Marriage Law/Marriage Lottery, wedding, wedding night, married life, marriage troubles, infidelity, anniversary, pregnancy issues, birth, children meddling, children special events)

  • Entertainment - Acting/Modeling/Music/Radio/Journalism (trying out for a part, starring in a show, going to see a show/movie/live performance, porn star, modeling, reading or writing or editing an article, going after a scoop, advise column, personal ads, listening to or playing the radio, playing an instrument, attending a concert or the opera)

  • Health-Mental/Memory/Dreams/Imagination (day dreaming/day fantasies, dreams & nightmares, fugues, Obliviation & other memory altering spells, amnesia, dementia, Alzheimer's, Schizophrenia, Multiple Personality disorder, OCD, ADHD, ADD, pathological liar or thief, Stockholm Syndrome, anxiety/panic disorders, bipolar, autism, misc. phobias, PTSD, meeting with a psychologist, being a psychologist treating a patient, Muggle mental health remedies vs. wizarding mental health remedies, spell/potion damage to the memory, the Janus Thickley Ward-memory issues only)

  • Health-Physical/Disease/Illness/Affliction/Death (catching or passing a cold/disease, pandemic/epidemic, working on a cure for a physical health issue, working at St. Mungo's/other hospital, the Janus Thickley Ward-physical impairment issues only, Parkinson's disease, genetic diseases, blood disorders, Sexually Transmitted Infections [STIs], dyslexia, eating disorders, sexual & paraphilic disorders, self-harm/cutting, suicide attempts, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, domestic violence, Muggle remedies vs. wizarding remedies, exercising, getting a massage, getting a pedicure/manicure/haircut, getting a make-over, physical therapy, spell/potion physical damage, magical creature damage, dealing with a physical affliction, losing a limb or a sense, dying, dealing with death, funerals, visiting a grave)

  • Hogwarts Life (taking/meeting on the Hogwarts Express, interhouse unity, house competition, house parties, in class, classroom assignments, classroom rivalry, bullying/fights, tutoring, studying together, Head Girl/Head Boy, Prefects, meeting at the Forbidden Forest/shores of the Black Lake/Hospital Wing/Astronomy Tower/Quidditch pitch/Room of Requirement/Gryffindor Tower/Slytherin Dungeon/Library/Head's dormitory/Dining Hall/Prefects Bathroom/Grand Stairway/Divination Tower/Headmaster's Office/Room of Erised/anywhere in Hogsmeade/a greenhouse/an empty classroom/a broom closet/the supply closet/the kitchen/etc.)

  • Legal Issues (being investigated, investigating another person/people, dealing with magical items/dark artifacts in an official capacity, arresting someone, court trial, being a solicitor/barrister, taking on a case as a solicitor/barrister, investigating a solicitor/barrister for misconduct/fraud, being incarcerated in a government prison)

  • Magical Beings/Magical Creatures/Animagi/Animals/Undead (lost/found/new familiars or pets, learning how to become an Animagi, Animagi issues, animal or magical being or creature mating issues, cataloguing/researching animals or magical beings/magical creatures, hiding from/hunting/capturing animals or magical beings/magical creatures, killing/eating animals or magical beings/magical creatures, dealing with Ministry laws regarding animals or magical beings/magical creatures - includes any animals in the Muggle world, Veela, Werewolf, Vampire, Ghouls, Hags, Ghosts/Spirits, Poltergeists, Fairies/Fae, Giants, Goblins, Centaurs, Mermaids/Mermen, Zombies, Leprechauns, Mummies, Metamophmagi, any creatures named by Luna Lovegood as being real, any creatures named in "Fantastical Beasts and Where to Find Them", and any mythological creatures in literature or folk legend)

  • Magical Spells/Potions/Items (inventing them, finding them, being gifted them, gifting them to others, WWW products, dark artefacts, Unforgivables, horcruxes)

  • Sex & the Sex Industry (virgin, virginity loss, consensual sexual games, consensual kink/sexual fetish/BDSM/role-play, buying a prostitute/rentboy/escort/stripper, starring in a porn film or pornographic photography session, being a prostitute/rentboy/escort/stripper/porn star, owning/going to a gentleman's club/a sex club/a strip joint, Porn Without Plot [PWP], swinging, cuckold-permissive, cuckqueen-permissive, sexting)

  • Special Events & Holidays (masquerade ball, charity ball, birthday, wedding/anniversary party for someone else, graduation event, war memorial event, Christmas/Winter Yule, Twelfth Night, Samhain/Halloween, Beltain, Easter, Valentine's, New Year, summer break, winter break,1st day of school, going on holiday, travel, meeting while on holiday)

  • Time Travel/Alternate Universes (traveling into the past, traveling into the future, time-turner research, changing events, setting HP characters in another time altogether, movie/book/television series/mythology/real life historical couples remixes, A/U-Voldemort never resurrected, dystopian HP world, A/U-OrderMember!Draco, A/U-DeathEater!Hermione, A/U-Voldemort wins, A/U-Harry wins but dies)

  • War (fighting in battle, spying in war, being captured/tortured/enslaved in war, running away from war, hiding from the fighting, life in a safe house during the war, Death Eater meetings/revels)

  • Miscellaneous (everything else)

Horror Fest Banner 2

Prompting FAQ & Prompting Post

Prompting: 24 January to 1 February
Claiming: 7 February
Submissions: 4 April
Posting: from 25 April

HP-Deflower Fest 2015 - COMING SOON!

Prompting: 15 November – 30 November, 2014
Sign-ups/Prompt Claiming: 1 December, 2014 (first come, first-served ; open until 14 March, 2015)
Submissions Due: 15 March, 2015
Posting begins: 1 April, 2015

For the sake of this fest, “deflowering” actually has a wider definition than is typically considered. It includes:

  • First kiss

  • First wet dream

  • First time rubbing sex parts (with clothes on) that culminates in orgasm (frotting, twerking, lap dance, accidental brush-up, etc.)

  • First time self-exploration/masturbation

  • First time having body explored by others or exploring someone else’s body in a sexual manner (with hands, lips, or eyes)

  • First time mutual masturbation

  • First time oral sex

  • First time vaginal intercourse

  • First time anal intercourse

  • A specific kink’s first time (bondage, stripping, spanking, breath play, getting a sexual piercing, gangbang, cock ring/dildo use, exhibitionism, bukkake, cross-dressing, etc.)

  • First time seeing a live sex act (not participating – just watching)

  • First time seeing pornographic material (adult magazines, a ‘how to’ book on improving one’s sex life, the Kama Sutra, a Muggle porn movie, going into a porn store and looking around, etc).

So, technically, you could write a rated G story about seven-year-old Draco innocently kissing seven-year-old Theo, if you wanted. Or you could write a really explicit story about Harry and Ginny in their 20’s deciding to try their hand at BDSM for the first time. There’s some scenario out there for everyone. Let your prompting muses go wild!

Originally posted by rzzmg at Dramionelove ~Love Fest~ 2014 - Master List and Reveals

Here is the long-awaited Master List and Reveals (authors & artists: feel free to post your fic & art elsewhere now):


Winners of the Fan Choice voting will come later tonight, as will the banners for Mod's Choice and Participants.

Congratulations to all on submitting some extraordinary pieces for this fest & thank you writers, artists, readers, and reviewers so much for making this fest a smashing success!

A gazillion and one 'thank yous' to the multi-talented, super awesome, amazingly wonderful
slytheringurrl for creating such gorgeous banners, icons, and pimping materials for the fest!!!! Please don't forget to thank her, folks!

Please let us know here in the comments below if you rec any art or fics elsewhere on the internet (your blog, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, CrackBroom Rec list, etc.). Supply a link, too, if you would, so the creators can thank you for your rec! :)

Let's keep the Dramione love going on for a long time to come, folks!


To claim a prompt -- Copy-paste the following template and SUBMIT IT AS A COMMENT HERE BY CLICKING THIS LINK (your comments will be screened to maintain the anonymity of the fest):

Your email address:
Your Livejournal name (optional):
Prompt # (Top Choice):
Prompt # (Second Choice):
Prompt # (Third Choice):

Please provide three options, as this is a first-come, first-served fest and I'd you to get at least one of your wanted prompts.

When a prompt is claimed by someone, I will cross it off the list. It will no longer be available to others to claim unless its abandoned before the fest's last day for claiming ends. I'll update the list at least once a day, or as new sign-ups come on board to join the fest.

I reiterate: you do not need a Livejournal account to join in the fun. Anyone can join this fest, be they from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or any other social media site. This fest is open to the general public to participate.

Click here to read the Rules, FAQ, and Timeline, including how to format your headers & when/where to submit your final piece when ready.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me here on Livejournal with a private message.

Have fun!
- rzzmg (fest moderator)

We've come to it at last: our Master List with the artist/author reveals...

(in alphabetical order by story title)

  • A Day At Work - FIC by iiemiin - Rated: K+ - “Bring your daughter and son to work day” is not working so well for Draco Malfoy.

  • A Dip in the Water - ART by slytheringurrl - Rated: PG-13 - Draco and Hermione take a dip in the water, which turns out to be raunchier than expected.

  • A Midsummer’s Night’s Masquerade Ball - ART by kali_elektra - Rated: G - Draco and Hermione waltz together during the Midsummer's Night's Masquerade Ball.

  • A Remembrance - FIC by silverotter1 - Rated: PG - He’s watched her these past years, remembering his past transgressions He doesn’t know she’s been watching him, too, recalling his virtues.

  • A Slip of the Tongue - FIC by peach12blossoms - Rated: R - Draco Malfoy, Hermione gathered, was not as subtle as he would like to be; nor was he as sneaky as he led everyone to believe. But it’s okay, because she loves him anyway.

  • A Walk in the Park - FIC by xfsista - Rated: R - Ten years after the Battle of Hogwarts, Draco Malfoy is a brilliant young healer working at St. Mungo’s. He stumbles upon a long-term patient and decides to take it upon himself to cure her.

  • Draco Malfoy and His Banana Hammock - FIC by River in Egypt - Rated: NC-17/MA - Holidays. Bad hair. Speedos.

  • Eighth Nights - FIC by black_klepon - Rated: PG - She wasn’t all that surprised to see him missing from their graduation ceremony.

  • Fourteen Moments, or The Summer She Let Go - FIC by Sara Darkotter - Rated: PG-15 - The best way to learn is to teach.

  • Glamorous - FIC by captainraychill - Rated: R - Draco owns a mysterious shop that sells high-quality, custom-made glamours. Hermione visits one sweltering night with a secret and a special request.

  • Hook and Line - FIC by tygermine - Rated: PG-13/T - Winning a fake cruise with a sexy, obnoxious, and egotistical Draco Malfoy - check. Sea sickness and inebritation - check. Naked swimming - check. A Kraken - check. An angry sea goddess - check. Cannibals? - check. How did Hermione get herself into so much mischief… and she didn’t even sign up for this contest!

  • I’m No Killer - FIC by scarletladyy - Rated: R - When the trio are captured and brought to Malfoy Manor, Draco is expected to identify them, but he finds himself unable to do so.

  • In Memoriam - FIC by yewerised168 - Rated: T - On the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, the Ministry throws an annual Commemoration Ball to honor the survivors and fallen warriors. Hermione attends every year, and she spends her time waiting to leave and staring after Malfoy.

  • June - FIC by secondbutton- Rated: NC-17 - All Draco wants for his birthday is his wife.

  • Mummy Isn’t Special - FIC by bellebelles - Rated: PG - It’s a simple question, or so Scorpius thinks that leaves him upset and baffled by the answer his best friend Antonio Zabini gives him. Are babies really born from kisses?

  • One hot afternoon - FIC by lyimee_lisa - Rated: T - A hot afternoon in the Heads’s common room. The heat is unbearable. But one of the portraits witnesses an amusing interaction between the two Heads.

  • Puddle Jumping - FIC & ART by rzzmg - Rated: PG-15/T+ - Flatmates, but not lovers. Draco wants to change that fact, but he’s a man with too many vices, and not enough bravery to jump the puddles of his miserable life to get the girl he wants. How is it that “April showers” can possibly bring “May flowers” in his and Hermione’s case, given the black marks against him and the fact she’s got some “mystery man” she’s pining for anyway?

  • The Book - FIC by rzzmg & ART by El-El-El - Rated: PG/K - Hermione finds a special book while cleaning out the attic one afternoon.

  • The One Week at the End of March - FIC by reetinkerbell - Rated: R - Veela Draco enters into a state of breeding frenzy one week each Spring.

  • Through Grey Eyes - FIC by lovestowrite4ever - Rated: PG-15/T+ - It’s May, and the first anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts. As a gesture of good will, the Malfoy family have opened up Malfoy Manor and allowed the celebration ball to be held there. The trio go, it’s expected after all, but they’re not happy about the location. Hermione, in particular, struggles with dancing on the same floor she was tortured. She is comforted by an unlikely source: Draco Malfoy, who has something to say after all this time.

  • Where My Demons Hide - FIC by amethyst18 - Rated: T+ - Draco Malfoy has been sentenced to death. With Hermione and a ticking clock at his side, Draco will use his final hours searching for the one thing he never thought he’d find: Redemption.

  • Yell Help - FIC by mister_otter & ART by captainraychill - Rated: R - A midsummer night’s tale of wine, merriment, and a party game gone curiously awry…Based on the prompt A Midsummer Night’s Dream Costume Ball.

Thank you to everyone who participated, and to the reviewers who took time out of their busy life schedules to read and leave a little lurf for our participants!

Artists/Authors: You may not feel free to re-post your stories anywhere else you'd like.


Dudley Redeemed 2013

Dudley Pimp Master
art and tagline by dyloggerdudley_redeemed 2013
Because "Big D" is totally a pimp name.

Prompting open June 8-June 21
Prompt claiming begins June 23
Submissions due September 1
Posting begins September 15
Timelines and Guidelines

The Quest to Rescue Abandoned Prompts!

hp_adoptaprompt will soon be accepting prompts.

What it’s all about:

Do you have a favourite prompt that for some reason was not chosen? Are you dying for someone to write this for you?

Here's the opportunity to try it again!

Was there a prompt in a gone by fest that you loved, but for whatever reason, could not claim it? Did the prompt lay there unclaimed by any other, while you screamed "But it would make such a perfect fic, please someone choose this"?

Here's perhaps another opportunity to claim that prompt.

Participating fests: hp_kinkfest, bottom_draco. hp_getlucky and charlieficathon

The prompts are already written; you only have to decide which ones to reprompt.

Prompting: May 27, 2013 - June 3, 2013
Claiming: June 5, 2013 - June 12, 2013
Posting: Begins August 12, 2013

Posting will be set up as self posting. You'll be assigned a date on which to post. If life happens and you miss it, there will be a make-up time at the end of the fest.

1. All prompts here must have been left previously.
2. Only the original prompter can reprompt a particular prompt.
3. No new prompts will be allowed.
4. No more than 6 prompts per person per round,
5. No more than 3 prompts per person per original fest.

Share, share, share and get the word out!

Choose one of the listed prompts, opt for your own prompt or ask for a mystery prompt from the mods. This is an 'Anything Goes' fest: art, fic, vids, mixes, sugar-frosting or Bavarian folk dances all accepted.



Prompting closing Soon

You Have 3 more days to Prompt for the ron_draco_fest.
Prompting closes on Thursday, 25th October.


Draco and Ron want you to prompt them!

ron_draco_fest Click on the picture, to go and leave all the prompts you like.

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